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Coffee With Consultants

Innovative Ways Radio Rose Up to the Pandemic Challenge
When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Jinny Laderer shares inspiring stories of how radio people stepped up to the challenges of the pandemic; how companies refocused and came together in creative and innovative ways to work more collaboratively; and what we can do to be more successful in the future.
Presenter: Jinny Laderer, founder and CEO, vCreative

12 Tips in 12 Minutes for Better Programming
Focusing on the 12 Habits of Highly Successful Radio Stations, this comparative presentation will share the similarities of those stations that consistently win. This session will show those habits as 12 actionable, easily implemented tips in 12 minutes.
Presenter: Mike McVay, president, McVay Media

The Programming and Sales Relationship Makeover
Buzz Knight lays out practical, actionable steps for programming teams and sales teams to come together and build a more formidable bond for the future. By defining a new structure internally, you’ll create more win-win collaboration with more revenue for your bottom line.
Presenter: Buzz Knight, chief executive officer, Buzz Knight Media

The Four Formal Methods of Communication in a High-Performance Organization
Engaged team members are essential to a high-performance organization. But employee engagement surveys often cite communication as a key problem area. Learn how to break down organizational silos that prevent effective communications and create a misalignment of expectations. This course will introduce you to the way high-performance organizations build a strong team culture of cross-department communications.
Presenter: Spike Santee, president, SpikeSantee.com

Powerful Virtual Leadership
The coronavirus has fast-forwarded us into the digital future. What do you need to think about, now that virtual is very likely here to stay?
Presenter: John Bates, CEO, Executive Speaking Success

Eight Essential Rules to Make Radio Commercials Great!
Whether you sell radio in a big or small market, whether you are new to radio or a seasoned pro, whether you write your own copy or have to vet copy coming in from a local account, adhering to these eight critical rules will dramatically improve the efficacy of your radio commercials and help you retain business.
Presenter: Yaman Coskun, founder and CEO, Yamanair Creative

Quit Calling it Voice Tracking! And other Best Practices in Being on the Air from a Home Studio
With the COVID-19 pandemic more and more personalities are on the air from home or someplace other than the station’s studios. It is uncharted territory for many jocks, program directors and general managers. This presentation will lay out specific examples of best practices on producing a great on-air product every day from a home studio.
Presenter: Mark Elliott, president, Mark Elliott Radio

Turning Radio Recruitment Advertising from Ho-Hum to Major Income
Are your current recruitment advertising sales ho-hum? In 12 minutes, you’ll learn two questions that can turn most business owners into strong recruitment advertising prospects. Learn proven ways to present radio as a viable recruitment solution to business owners and more importantly how to make recruitment advertising work. Once you learn these easy steps and processes, you to can turn your ho-hum recruitment efforts into recurring major income!
Presenter: Rick Fink, marketing consultant, ENS Media USA

Motivate your Team and Create Powerful Radio During Challenging and Changing Times
Broadcasting from home and/or managing broadcasters remotely can be challenging. How do you keep from being boring? How do you stay motivated, motivate others and answer questions about the future? This 12 minute presentation offers insights to help you answer these burning questions.
Presenter: Valerie Geller, president, Geller Media International

The Five Questions to Ask Before Starting a Local Podcast
Most of the talk about podcasts has been national, but the local opportunity is vast. Radio stations can be leaders with local podcasts. We discuss what works best and guardrails to ensure success.
Presenter: Steve Goldstein, founder and CEO, Amplifi Media

Commercial Cliché Busters: Kill the Cliches and Create Results for Your Clients
No one speaks or responds to the language used in most radio commercials, yet we use it over and over. Learn how to take a cliché and make it into a fresh, compelling thought listeners will respond to.
Presenter: Jeffrey Hedquist, founder and president, Hedquist Productions

It’s Only Words, and Words Are All I Have…
What we say and how we say it can be the difference between true communication with our clients and being asked to “call me in couple months.” We’ll share some “ouch” things we often say, suggest alternatives and give you a great sales meeting idea, all in 12 minutes!
Presenter: Mark Levy, president, Revenue Development Resources

Five Questions to Convert Prospect into Paying Clients
The quality of your questions during a sales call determines how quickly and easily you’ll be able to close a deal. During this presentation, you will learn five questions you can use immediately to start converting more prospects into paying clients.
Presenter: L’areal Lipkins, chief executive officer, Lipkins Consulting Group

How to Use the Web to Attract New Clients
The pandemic has taken a big toll on many of the industries that, in the past, have produced reliable advertising clients. As a result, it’s never been more important for broadcasters to attract new clients. Unfortunately, many sales staffs rely on the same lead-generation techniques that they were using 50 years ago. In this video, Seth Resler of Jacobs Media will show you how companies outside the broadcasting industry are using the web to generate leads and how broadcasters can adopt these practices to attract more clients.
Presenter: Seth Resler, digital dot connector, Jacobs Media

The It Factor: The Ten Most Important Qualities of Every Radio Superstar
What are the common attributes of truly standout radio personalities? What do Rush, Bert, Mojo and Big Boy (to name just a few) have in common? Look at your prime talent through this lens and work with them to highlight these qualities to maximize ratings and revenue and grow your brand into a powerful force in your market.
Presenter: Steve Reynolds, talent coach, The Reynolds Group

The Nine Best Practices for Using Video in the Sales Process
Relying on just email to open the door of a new prospect will get the same results–they often ignore you. Break through the clutter with a video message in your email to get more new business appointments!
Presenter: Matt Sunshine, managing partner, Center for Sales Strategy