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Snacks with the C-Suite 

These short interviews with leaders inside and outside of the broadcast industry offer some great insights into the radio business.  

Amazon or Local? Rebuilding Main Street 

No one understands the importance of local better than radio broadcasters – no one other than Amanda Brinkman, that is. Through her show “Small Business Revolution,” Amanda’s team is on a mission to revitalize small towns through small businesses. Sound familiar?  


  • Amanda Brinkman, Chief brand officer, Deluxe and creator, producer and host, Small Business Revolution 
  • Jonathan Brewster, CEO, Cherry Creek Radio  

Radio: Always on in Many Languages

Bustos Media has a unique connection to the diverse communities it serves, broadcasting primarily in Spanish but also connecting to audiences in English, Russian Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese. Learn how this local broadcaster serves such a diverse population and does it so well.  


Agility and Innovation

What do leaders do when their business model is suddenly turned on its head and the old way of serving customers and audiences is no longer viable? Learn from one of the business’ bestknown entertainment and hospitality brands about how to successfully pivot to remain relevant and top of mind with your customer base 


  • Colin V. Reedchairman and CEO, Ryman Hospitality Properties, Inc.
  • Scott Bailey, president, Opry Entertainment Group  
  • Greg Davispresident and CEO, Davis Broadcasting  

Brand Values

More and more businesses are realizing that it is good business to embrace service at the core of their cultures. While some organizations are only beginning to understand this concept, others have always been driven by corporate values centered on service. Learn what makes these companies tick, what they do differently and how they are responding to current events to extend their brands.  


Inside and Out: Resilience Strategies for Stress and Burnout

These are indeed anxious and uncertain times. Learn how to adopt strategies for handling stress and screen fatigue and how to create space for the important things. Get a mini session on becoming Thoughtfully Fit®, a model developed by professional coach Darcy Luoma that will allow you to build skills to help you coach yourself through life’s challenges, big and small. 


  • Darcy Luomafounder and CEO, Darcy Luoma Coaching and Consulting 
  • Dave Santrellapresident, Broadcast Media, Salem Media Group