Info Sessions

How to Drive Revenue and Results with Promotions NOW
Presented by Second Street
Now more than ever, it’s important to create a plan to deliver sustainable and consistent results all year long. Hear how other radio stations are still driving BIG success – yes, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you want to secure new business in 2020, you have to be prepared to provide measurable results for your sponsor’s investment. In this session, we’ll tell you which advertisers are still spending, the ideas you should pitch to them and how your station can finish this year out strong and kick off 2021 with a bang.

The Future of Radio: Why Now is the Time for Digital Advertising
Presented by Marketron
There have never been more threats to broadcasters’ revenue – competition for listeners, ad dollars and now, COVID-19. Third-party digital advertising offers radio stations the ability to increase their revenue and diversify their advertising opportunities. Join Marketron for a conversation on digital advertising and how radio stations are using it to grow their revenue and position themselves to become market leaders.

Investing in the Connected Future: Visual Radio, Smartphone Apps, Connected Devices and Smart Speakers
Presented by Xperi
An in-depth look at All in Media’s suite of broadcaster solutions that power some of the world’s largest broadcasters with co-founder and digital expert Chris Gould.

Listening is No Exception
Presented by Nielsen
COVID-19 has changed everything — including radio listening. Come get an updated look at how audiences have changed since the pandemic.

Radio Air Chain Innovation
Presented by Nautel
Nautel Chief Technology Officer Philipp Schmid along with Nautel Customer Service Technologist Alex Hartman, present an informative and illuminating summary of a recent 3-part webinar series that answers the question of how to centralize the entire HD radio Air-Chain. This exciting, innovative approach paves the way for easier and more flexible digital radio deployments via virtualized audio processing and a software-based Gen4 HD Radio importer/exporter.

Podcasting Politics
Presented by ABC Audio
In a moment where a pandemic, politics, and social unrest are colliding at a breakneck pace, Brad Mielke, host of ABC News’ Start Here and Galen Druke, host of the 538 Politics Podcast tell us how they break through the noise to deliver fresh and dynamic content.

Real-World Applications of Ad Attribution in Radio
Presented by Veritone
Digital technology has reshaped our personal and professional lives, created new industries while disrupting others and has provided a level of data and insights not seen in previous times. With that data comes opportunities and threats. Meanwhile, the radio industry has recently seen AI-driven attribution technology give validation to the effectiveness of radio advertising. Radio stations – from small to enterprise – are leveraging attribution data to grow revenue and enhance transparency while leveling the playing field with digital mediums.Join Paul Cramer, managing director, Enterprise Radio Solutions, Veritone, as we spotlight a client and discuss real-world applications of ad attribution in radio.In this webinar, learn best practices, success stories and pitfalls to avoid when applying attribution metrics to broadcast radio campaigns. In addition, learn how small changes in your attribution strategy today will shape future and retained ad investments in your station brands in a rapidly changing landscape.

One Platform, Multiple Solutions: WO Traffic Driving Workflow Efficiency Through Automation
Presented by Wide Orbit
Watch this session to learn how WO Traffic continues to evolve to address the increasingly complex challenges facing broadcasters today.
New technologies, platforms and consumption behaviors present new revenue opportunities even as they make selling media more complicated than ever before.
In this video, we’ll show you how two of our latest WO Traffic modules, Order Validation and Electronic Material Instructions, focus specifically on simplifying workflows and maximizing efficiency through automation to save you both time and money.
Get a Wider World working for you.