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Closing the Deal

Backstage Conversations: Revenue Replacement Roundtable
2020 has been a year like no other. We are all trying to figure out how to respond to the nonstop challenges impacting our ability to meet face-to-face with clients, work in an office and generate revenue-producing strategies to help our local business community. In this session you will be part of an informal discussion with broadcasters about these struggles and what they are doing to thrive in this environment.

Sales Exchange I: Driving Local
Join us for a hands-on session featuring proven tactics and ideas that drive local advertiser engagement and are yielding results for radio sellers and local clients in 2020.

Rethinking the Customer Experience
Connecting with consumers and enhancing the customer experience is a cornerstone of business today. Hear from two of your fellow broadcasters on how they recently rethought their customer experience and why you should do the same.

Don’t Leave Money Behind. Are You Counting All Your Listeners?
As listeners tap into radio’s content across all platforms, what are all those ears really worth? Monetizing the value of your radio station’s listeners to advertisers is crucial to increasing revenue. In this session, you’ll learn how an accumulated audience is bigger and better than traditional ratings.

Sales Exchange II: Driving Digital
With the COVID-19 pandemic almost everything has gone digital, including the Radio Show. In this session you’ll learn how can local stations host virtual events to replace lost revenue from live events. Creating compelling, engaging, virtual events is no longer an option, it’s a requirement.

Clients for Life
You can never maintain a competitive advantage based solely on product and price. It’s what you do beyond the product that will set you and your media company apart from the rest. Sellers who focus on creating the strategies to address the priorities of their clients sell bigger and longer-term contracts. In this session, hear from a local client who has the kind of relationship with a media rep that we all want. Find out how the relationship developed, what’s important to the client and learn what this seller did to help create customers for life.

Info Session
How to Drive Revenue and Results with Promotions NOW
Presented by Second Street
Now more than ever, it’s important to create a plan to deliver sustainable and consistent results all year long. Hear how other radio stations are still driving BIG success – yes, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you want to secure new business in 2020, you have to be prepared to provide measurable results for your sponsor’s investment. In this session, we’ll tell you which advertisers are still spending, the ideas you should pitch to them and how your station can finish this year out strong and kick off 2021 with a bang.

Info Session
The Future of Radio: Why Now is the Time for Digital Advertising
Presented by Marketron
There have never been more threats to broadcasters’ revenue – competition for listeners, ad dollars and now, COVID-19. Third-party digital advertising offers radio stations the ability to increase their revenue and diversify their advertising opportunities. Join Marketron for a conversation on digital advertising and how radio stations are using it to grow their revenue and position themselves to become market leaders.

Info Session
Real-World Applications of Ad Attribution in Radio
Presented by Veritone
Digital technology has reshaped our personal and professional lives, created new industries while disrupting others and has provided a level of data and insights not seen in previous times. With that data comes opportunities and threats. Meanwhile, the radio industry has recently seen AI-driven attribution technology give validation to the effectiveness of radio advertising. Radio stations – from small to enterprise – are leveraging attribution data to grow revenue and enhance transparency while leveling the playing field with digital mediums.Join Paul Cramer, managing director, Enterprise Radio Solutions, Veritone, as we spotlight a client and discuss real-world applications of ad attribution in radio.In this webinar, learn best practices, success stories and pitfalls to avoid when applying attribution metrics to broadcast radio campaigns. In addition, learn how small changes in your attribution strategy today will shape future and retained ad investments in your station brands in a rapidly changing landscape.

Amazon or Local? Rebuilding Main Street
No one understands the importance of local better than radio broadcasters – no one other than Amanda Brinkman, that is. Through her show “Small Business Revolution,” Amanda’s team is on a mission to revitalize small towns through small businesses. Sound familiar?

Eight Essential Rules to Make Radio Commercials Great!
Whether you sell radio in a big or small market, whether you are new to radio or a seasoned pro, whether you write your own copy or have to vet copy coming in from a local account, adhering to these eight critical rules will dramatically improve the efficacy of your radio commercials and help you retain business.

Turning Radio Recruitment Advertising from Ho-Hum to Major Income
Are your current recruitment advertising sales ho-hum? In 12 minutes, you’ll learn two questions that can turn most business owners into strong recruitment advertising prospects. Learn proven ways to present radio as a viable recruitment solution to business owners and more importantly how to make recruitment advertising work. Once you learn these easy steps and processes, you to can turn your ho-hum recruitment efforts into recurring major income!

Commercial Cliché Busters: Kill the Cliches and Create Results for Your Clients
No one speaks or responds to the language used in most radio commercials, yet we use it over and over. Learn how to take a cliché and make it into a fresh, compelling thought listeners will respond to.

It’s Only Words, and Words Are All I Have…
What we say and how we say it can be the difference between true communication with our clients and being asked to “call me in couple months.” We’ll share some “ouch” things we often say, suggest alternatives and give you a great sales meeting idea, all in 12 minutes!

Five Questions to Convert Prospect into Paying Clients
The quality of your questions during a sales call determines how quickly and easily you’ll be able to close a deal. During this presentation, you will learn five questions you can use immediately to start converting more prospects into paying clients.

How to Use the Web to Attract New Clients
The pandemic has taken a big toll on many of the industries that, in the past, have produced reliable advertising clients. As a result, it’s never been more important for broadcasters to attract new clients. Unfortunately, many sales staffs rely on the same lead-generation techniques that they were using 50 years ago. In this video, Seth Resler of Jacobs Media will show you how companies outside the broadcasting industry are using the web to generate leads and how broadcasters can adopt these practices to attract more clients.

The Nine Best Practices for Using Video in the Sales Process
Relying on just email to open the door of a new prospect will get the same results–they often ignore you. Break through the clutter with a video message in your email to get more new business appointments!