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Radio Show PodcastThe 2020 Radio Show is more than just a conference. It’s a convergence of all who thrive in the audio and media space. The limited-run Radio Show Podcast will get you ready for this year’s virtual event with presenter interviews and exclusive insights.

Episode 12: Monday, Oct. 5

Jeffrey Hedquist Fights Clichés
Creative luminary Jeffrey Hedquist, founder and president, Hedquist Productions spends a few minutes detailing what hasn’t changed in radio creative during the pandemic and gets you ready for his Radio Show presentation.

Episode 11: Friday, Oct. 2

Mark Elliott on Staying Connected to Your Station Remotely
Mark Elliott, president, Mark Elliott Radio, talks about how on-air staff working remotely from home can stay connected to their stations and their audiences.

Episode 10: Thursday, Oct. 1

Mike McVay Reinforces the Value of Radio
Radio Show steering committee member Mike McVay spends a few quick minutes discussing how radio has reinforced its value in local markets throughout the pandemic and gets you ready for his Radio Show appearances.

Episode 9: Wednesday, Sept. 30

Rick Fink Knows Recruitment Ads Make Money
ENS Media USA’s Rick Fink gets you prepared for his revenue generating presentation on selling recruitment ads to clients.

Episode 8: Tuesday, Sept. 29

Steve Goldstein Dives Deep into Podcasting
Steve Goldstein, founder and CEO, Amplifi media, spends a few quick minutes detailing the current podcast landscape ahead of his Radio Show presentation on local podcasting strategies.

Episode 7: Monday, Sept. 28

Yaman Coskun on Creating Impactful Commercials
Yaman Coskun, founder and CEO, Yamanair Creative, talks about the common traits of compelling radio creative and gets you ready. for his Radio Show presentation.

Episode 6: Saturday, Sept. 26

Mark Levy on the Power of Words
Mark Levy, president, Revenue Development Resources, discusses how word choice impacts sales success and previews his virtual Radio Show session.

Episode 5: Friday, Sept. 25

Talking Sales Strategy with Matt Sunshine

Matt Sunshine, managing partner, Center for Sales Strategy, spends a couple of minutes discussing current sales strategies and previews his upcoming virtual Radio Show presentation.

Episode 4: Thursday, Sept. 24

Morning Show Insights from Steve Reynolds

Talent Coach Steve Reynolds sits down for a candid conversation on how successful morning shows have persevered throughout 2020 and to preview his upcoming virtual Radio Show presentation.

Episode 3: Wednesday, Sept. 23

Buzz Knight Talks Audience Connection

Buzz Knight from Buzz Knight Media and member of the Radio Show Steering Committee discusses how on-air talent have successfully connected with their audiences during 2020.

Episode 2: Tuesday, Sept. 22

Sales Tips from L’areal Lipkins

L’areal Lipkins, chief executive officer, Lipkins Consulting Group joins the podcast to relay sales tips and get you ready for her upcoming virtual Radio Show presentation.

Episode 1: Monday, Sept. 21

Programming Insights from the Black Information Network’s Tony Coles

Tony Coles, president, Black Information Network, kicks off our series of concise interviews culminating in the virtual Radio Show taking place October 5-9.