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Steve Reynolds

Talent Coach
The Reynolds Group

Steve Reynolds

I spent almost my entire career doing morning radio. Doing a successful morning show gave me insight on those things that help create fun, compelling radio and great ratings. Just prior to starting The Reynolds Group, I saw my first set of focus groups on a show I anchored. Intrigued at what listeners recalled about the show and what really made them tune in each day, philosophies were developed to help guide shows strategically to success.

Focusing on show plots and content strategies and developing tools like The Wheel of Content© and The Scorecard© to help programs, in any format and at any age, I teach talent simple and effective ways to grow their audience share.  I believe you best leverage ratings long term by developing brand strength. Affirming and growing positive images of being real, innovative, and fun, if centered around a specific and unique show content strategy, is what The Reynolds Group does for its morning teams each week and in each market visit! Having done a morning show also gives me insight on how personalities think, and what motivates them each day. This unique perspective allows me to bond with and talk to shows in ways that helps them grow quickly.

Let The Reynolds Group help your show grow with a custom content strategy, using The Wheel of Content©, and The Scorecard© today, by calling (919) 821-4700 or by emailing here.

Only one talent coach works with eight morning shows in the top ten markets.  Steve Reynolds.