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Podcasting 2020: Creativity and Profit
Headed toward becoming a one-billion-dollar business, podcasting is becoming a core part of radio’s business strategy and continues to grow. Hear from three top executives in the field as they discuss creativity across the medium, evolving genres, how they approach merging ideas with monetization and what new content audiences will be hearing over the next six months.

What Business are You in Now?
Unforeseen disruptions force businesses to adapt. In a follow up to the popular 2019 Radio Show session “You’re Not Just in the Radio Business Anymore,” hear four stories of how broadcasters and outside industry have rethought, revamped and retooled what they do to meet the challenges of 2020.

Backstage Conversation with Jacobs Media: Who’s Zooming Who? Using Video Chat as a Research Tool
During COVID, we’re learning that necessity is, in fact, the mother of invention. How can radio use video chat technology to survey its listeners, while creating events that connect audiences to station brands? Consultant Fred Jacobs has been conducting Zoom focus groups and listener advisory groups since the pandemic began. Watch as he conducts an all-new focus group for the Radio Show and then shares details – and stories – about how these groups work and how any radio station can put them together.

Info Session
Listening is No Exception
Presented by Nielsen
COVID-19 has changed everything — including radio listening. Come get an updated look at how audiences have changed since the pandemic.

Info Session
Podcasting Politics
Presented by ABC Audio
In a moment where a pandemic, politics, and social unrest are colliding at a breakneck pace, Brad Mielke, host of ABC News’ Start Here and Galen Druke, host of the 538 Politics Podcast tell us how they break through the noise to deliver fresh and dynamic content.

Radio: Always on in Many Languages
Bustos Media has a unique connection to the diverse communities it serves, broadcasting primarily in Spanish but also connecting to audiences in English, Russian Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese. Learn how this local broadcaster serves such a diverse population and does it so well.

Brand Values
More and more businesses are realizing that it is good business to embrace service at the core of their cultures. While some organizations are only beginning to understand this concept, others have always been driven by corporate values centered on service. Learn what makes these companies tick, what they do differently and how they are responding to current events to extend their brands.

Inside and Out: Resilience Strategies for Stress and Burnout
These are indeed anxious and uncertain times. Learn how to adopt strategies for handling stress and screen fatigue and how to create space for the important things. Get a mini session on becoming Thoughtfully Fit®, a model developed by professional coach Darcy Luoma that will allow you to build skills to help you coach yourself through life’s challenges, big and small.

Innovative Ways Radio Rose Up to the Pandemic Challenge
When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Jinny Laderer shares inspiring stories of how radio people stepped up to the challenges of the pandemic; how companies refocused and came together in creative and innovative ways to work more collaboratively; and what we can do to be more successful in the future.

12 Tips in 12 Minutes for Better Programming
Focusing on the 12 Habits of Highly Successful Radio Stations, this comparative presentation will share the similarities of those stations that consistently win. This session will show those habits as 12 actionable, easily implemented tips in 12 minutes.

The Programming and Sales Relationship Makeover
Buzz Knight lays out practical, actionable steps for programming teams and sales teams to come together and build a more formidable bond for the future. By defining a new structure internally, you’ll create more win-win collaboration with more revenue for your bottom line.

Eight Essential Rules to Make Radio Commercials Great!
Whether you sell radio in a big or small market, whether you are new to radio or a seasoned pro, whether you write your own copy or have to vet copy coming in from a local account, adhering to these eight critical rules will dramatically improve the efficacy of your radio commercials and help you retain business.

Quit Calling it Voice Tracking! And other Best Practices in Being on the Air from a Home Studio
With the COVID-19 pandemic more and more personalities are on the air from home or someplace other than the station’s studios. It is uncharted territory for many jocks, program directors and general managers. This presentation will lay out specific examples of best practices on producing a great on-air product every day from a home studio.

Motivate your Team and Create Powerful Radio During Challenging and Changing Times
Broadcasting from home and/or managing broadcasters remotely can be challenging. How do you keep from being boring? How do you stay motivated, motivate others and answer questions about the future? This 12 minute presentation offers insights to help you answer these burning questions.

The Five Questions to Ask Before Starting a Local Podcast
Most of the talk about podcasts has been national, but the local opportunity is vast. Radio stations can be leaders with local podcasts. We discuss what works best and guardrails to ensure success.

Commercial Cliché Busters: Kill the Cliches and Create Results for Your Clients
No one speaks or responds to the language used in most radio commercials, yet we use it over and over. Learn how to take a cliché and make it into a fresh, compelling thought listeners will respond to.

The It Factor: The Ten Most Important Qualities of Every Radio Superstar
What are the common attributes of truly standout radio personalities? What do Rush, Bert, Mojo and Big Boy (to name just a few) have in common? Look at your prime talent through this lens and work with them to highlight these qualities to maximize ratings and revenue and grow your brand into a powerful force in your market.