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CEO Townhall (Sponsored by Benztown)

Insightful and compelling, like the industry they represent, Cumulus Media’s Mary Berner, Entercom Communications’ David Field and iHeartMedia’s Bob Pittman will offer a glimpse into the ever-evolving audio business during the CEO Townhall. Moderated by Stephanie RuhleNBC News Senior Business Correspondent and MSNBC Anchor.

Plus, the presentation of the National Radio Award to Russell Perry.

Podcasting 2020: Creativity and Profit
Headed toward becoming a one-billion-dollar business, podcasting is becoming a core part of radio’s business strategy and continues to grow. Hear from three top executives in the field as they discuss creativity across the medium, evolving genres, how they approach merging ideas with monetization and what new content audiences will be hearing over the next six months.

Moving Past Platitudes – Mobilizing Systemic Equity
Zach Nunn, global consultant, public speaker and owner of Living Corporate, LLC presents practical ways individuals and organizations can move past performative acts of solidarity and be a change agent for a more equitable world. The Living Corporate podcast is available on the Westwood One Podcast Network.

Backstage Conversations: Revenue Replacement Roundtable
2020 has been a year like no other. We are all trying to figure out how to respond to the nonstop challenges impacting our ability to meet face-to-face with clients, work in an office and generate revenue-producing strategies to help our local business community. In this session you will be part of an informal discussion with broadcasters about these struggles and what they are doing to thrive in this environment.

Re-inventing Leadership with Heart and Soul
Rishad Tobaccowala, futurist and author of the bestselling “Restoring the Soul of Business: Staying Human in the Age of Data” joins the Radio Show line-up in a thought provoking and meaningful keynote on the importance of addressing fragility, restoring resiliency and resurrecting businesses in 2020 and beyond. Specifically, the keynote will focus on radio’s ability to reset and transform the industry during these challenging times.

What Business are You in Now?
Unforeseen disruptions force businesses to adapt. In a follow up to the popular 2019 Radio Show session “You’re Not Just in the Radio Business Anymore,” hear four stories of how broadcasters and outside industry have rethought, revamped and retooled what they do to meet the challenges of 2020.

Sales Exchange I: Driving Local
Join us for a hands-on session featuring proven tactics and ideas that drive local advertiser engagement and are yielding results for radio sellers and local clients in 2020.

Backstage Conversation with Rishad Tobaccowala
Join futurist Rishad Tobaccowala for an interactive discussion on “The Great Re-invention” where society, business and people are transforming in real-time. Now’s your opportunity to join Rishad for a follow up to his Radio Show keynote to ask any burning leadership questions you may have!

Force for Good and a Force for Growth
The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) is a leader in the consumer packaged goods industry and is a trailblazer in advertising and media.  As the world’s largest advertiser, P&G is using its clout and its powerful voice to promote social messages and create transformative change.  Charlotte La Niear, group director, NA Media joins the Radio Show stage to discuss P&G’s strategic imperatives towards accelerating progress in being a “force for good and a force for growth” in partnership with their media partners, including radio.

Pillsbury’s Broadcast Finance 2020—The Pandemic Edition
With many broadcasters struggling through one of the most unusual and difficult years in their history, Pillsbury partner Scott Flick, Hubbard Radio CEO Ginny Morris, and Connoisseur Media CEO Jeff Warshaw discuss the impact on Radio so far, and what the path forward might look like for many broadcasters.

Rethinking the Customer Experience
Connecting with consumers and enhancing the customer experience is a cornerstone of business today. Hear from two of your fellow broadcasters on how they recently rethought their customer experience and why you should do the same.

Backstage Conversation with Jacobs Media: Who’s Zooming Who? Using Video Chat as a Research Tool
During COVID, we’re learning that necessity is, in fact, the mother of invention. How can radio use video chat technology to survey its listeners, while creating events that connect audiences to station brands? Consultant Fred Jacobs has been conducting Zoom focus groups and listener advisory groups since the pandemic began. Watch as he conducts an all-new focus group for the Radio Show and then shares details – and stories – about how these groups work and how any radio station can put them together.

One-on-One with Byron Allen
Natasha Alford interviews the Chairman/CEO of Allen Media Group and the Founder of Entertainment Studios on his journey and career as a leader as well as his thoughts on the future of the industry.

Don’t Leave Money Behind. Are You Counting All Your Listeners?
As listeners tap into radio’s content across all platforms, what are all those ears really worth? Monetizing the value of your radio station’s listeners to advertisers is crucial to increasing revenue. In this session, you’ll learn how an accumulated audience is bigger and better than traditional ratings.

Sales Exchange II: Driving Digital
With the COVID-19 pandemic almost everything has gone digital, including the Radio Show. In this session you’ll learn how can local stations host virtual events to replace lost revenue from live events. Creating compelling, engaging, virtual events is no longer an option, it’s a requirement.

Backstage Conversation with NAB Government Relations, Legal and Regulatory and NABPAC Executives: Impacting Your Business: 2020 Congressional and FCC Breakdown
Join NAB executives for this live discussion around legislative and regulatory issues affecting your business. Topics such as COVID relief, essential FCC issues and the upcoming elections will be covered, as well as your questions.

Leadership 2021 – Inspiring and Building Successful Teams
Join renowned financial expert and radio host Dave Ramsey in a special Radio Show keynote focused on providing radio broadcasters with a roadmap of actionable management and leadership ‘how tos’ in a changing economic environment.

Building and Leading an Inclusive Culture
As we all know this is a challenging time. How do you create a permanent culture of belonging while mostly working in a virtual world? During this session you will gain insight on what you should take into consideration as you develop a diversity and inclusion plan. Hear from experts and station leaders who are in various phases of the process and learn how to get started or add to your plan.

Clients for Life
You can never maintain a competitive advantage based solely on product and price. It’s what you do beyond the product that will set you and your media company apart from the rest. Sellers who focus on creating the strategies to address the priorities of their clients sell bigger and longer-term contracts. In this session, hear from a local client who has the kind of relationship with a media rep that we all want. Find out how the relationship developed, what’s important to the client and learn what this seller did to help create customers for life.

Radio and the Connected Car – How the Xperi-TiVo Merger is Changing the Game and Driving Value to Broadcasters
Join us for a look under the hood of the only global hybrid radio system that includes metadata, images and other content specific features that are really making radio stations stand out in a crowded dash. Learn how the recent Xperi-TiVo merger is accelerating innovation, service expansion and delivering a world-class in-car radio experience. We’ll also take a look at the opportunities and challenges of Android Automotive and how Xperi, NAB PILOT and leading broadcasters are collaborating to ensure radio’s prominence in those platforms.

Info Session
Listening is No Exception
Presented by Nielsen
COVID-19 has changed everything — including radio listening. Come get an updated look at how audiences have changed since the pandemic.

Info Session
Podcasting Politics
Presented by ABC Audio
In a moment where a pandemic, politics, and social unrest are colliding at a breakneck pace, Brad Mielke, host of ABC News’ Start Here and Galen Druke, host of the 538 Politics Podcast tell us how they break through the noise to deliver fresh and dynamic content.

Info Session
One Platform, Multiple Solutions: WO Traffic Driving Workflow Efficiency Through Automation
Presented by Wide Orbit
Watch this session to learn how WO Traffic continues to evolve to address the increasingly complex challenges facing broadcasters today.
New technologies, platforms and consumption behaviors present new revenue opportunities even as they make selling media more complicated than ever before.
In this video, we’ll show you how two of our latest WO Traffic modules, Order Validation and Electronic Material Instructions, focus specifically on simplifying workflows and maximizing efficiency through automation to save you both time and money.
Get a Wider World working for you.

Agility and Innovation
What do leaders do when their business model is suddenly turned on its head and the old way of serving customers and audiences is no longer viable? Learn from one of the business’ best-known entertainment and hospitality brands about how to successfully pivot to remain relevant and top of mind with your customer base.

Inside and Out: Resilience Strategies for Stress and Burnout
These are indeed anxious and uncertain times. Learn how to adopt strategies for handling stress and screen fatigue and how to create space for the important things. Get a mini session on becoming Thoughtfully Fit®, a model developed by professional coach Darcy Luoma that will allow you to build skills to help you coach yourself through life’s challenges, big and small.

Innovative Ways Radio Rose Up to the Pandemic Challenge
When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Jinny Laderer shares inspiring stories of how radio people stepped up to the challenges of the pandemic; how companies refocused and came together in creative and innovative ways to work more collaboratively; and what we can do to be more successful in the future.

The Programming and Sales Relationship Makeover
Buzz Knight lays out practical, actionable steps for programming teams and sales teams to come together and build a more formidable bond for the future. By defining a new structure internally, you’ll create more win-win collaboration with more revenue for your bottom line.